Just starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or thinking about it? Here are 5 mistakes to avoid as you start your BJJ journey.

1. Rolling too much too soon.  Different BJJ clubs might have rules that guide the amount of time you spar. Keep in mind, BJJ is full of new movements that are foreign to even the most athletic person. Take time to perform both solo drills and partner drills and stay with partners around your size.

2. Focusing on attacking or submitting your training partners. As a beginner you need to focus on escapes and submission defence. This is a natural stage of the BJJ food chain. Take this time to learn good defence. This knowledge of defending and survival will stay with you your entire BJJ journey. Relish in the art of survival. There will be time to attack as you progress through the ranks.

3. Tapping too late.  Bottom line – if you are hurt you can’t train. Consistency is key in learning anything new. Tap early at first. Once you build your knowledge of submissions you will be able to intelligently defend yourself in bad spots longer.

4. Coming late to class or missing warm ups.  In most BJJ classes the warm up is full of independent BJJ drills and partner related drills. This part of class will give you the muscle memory/balance you need to perform many BJJ submissions, escapes and so on.  Warm ups are also critical for safety.

5.  Leaving early because you are too tired to continue to roll.  You’re too tired to continue – it happens. Instead of taking off, try to stick around mat side and ask questions and build relationships. The BJJ culture is one of friendships. Hanging around and listening to old BJJ stories is part of the team building process.  This is also the time a senior student might take interest in your development and give you some pointers.

The BJJ journey is a long rewarding one. Steady progress is often better then huge spikes in performance that can often lead to injury or burn out.