Last July, Robson Moura visited us here in Toronto for a two day seminar. Each day was about 2 hours of impressive Jiu Jitsu technique followed by a short question and answer period. Robson’s seminars are always well received and attendees aways leave with more then just a few new moves.

If you’ve never been to a Robson Moura seminar, I assure you, you will come out feeling extremely inspired, not only by the effortless way he moves on the mat, but by the passion he has for his art. He loves teaching, he’s extremely approachable, and you can see how Jiu Jitsu has changed his life.

The upcoming RMNU Summer Camp (June 12-14) will be an intense 3 days of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu led by Robson Moura and three of his Black Belts. Each day will consist of technique, drilling sessions, sparing sessions followed buy question & answers. For those of you attending the full weekend, you will be getting over 14 hours of class time not including open mat and question & answers.

This is a great opportunity to train with other Black Belt instructors as well as connect with Jiu Jitsu practitioners outside of your club. This camp is bound to give you not only new technique, but inject new life into your Jiu Jitsu journey.

Please note, all Jiu Jitsu levels are welcome.
If you don’t want to commit to a full weekend come for a day! You won’t be disappointed.
Take a look at the schedule here.