Without a doubt, you can find a BJJ seminar happening somewhere just about every weekend.  Some seminars are open to all affiliations, some are not.  You’ll pay about $150 – $200 for a few hours of a BJJ World Champion’s time. You’ll leave with bunch of new techniques and that is great. The RMNU Summer Camp that happened here in Toronto on June 12 – 14th, was all that and more. It was 15 hours of training and drilling in 3 days and welcomed all gyms and affiliations. There was open mat time and time to refuel at lunch. Just about everyone got to roll with all the professors including Robson himself.

Robson lead the camp in a fashion that only he can. He always starts off with one movement, branches off into a dynamic BJJ sequence that he then adds on to. Depending on your skill level, you could continue to add, or stick within your limits. This is proven to be a great format for all levels.

The amount of time spent on the mats allowed for participants to bond and connect in away that no seminar can mimmic. Participants from all over the GTA and as well as some Americans from Delaware, North Carolina and Chicago attended and fostered new friendships. Professor Jeff Mitchell, the guest instructor from Delaware, was a big part of making the camp a success. Some participants were even discussing a road trip to Delaware to train with Jeff again at Elite BJJ. That is a great testament to the camp format. It brought together like minded people looking to advance their BJJ knowledge.

Thank you to Professor Robson for allowing Toma and myself to host this RMNU Summer Camp – the first of its kind in Toronto and maybe Canada!