Sharing the BJJ Mats with MMA Fighters: Good, Bad or Ugly?

By |October 22nd, 2016|Lifestyle, Starting BJJ|

I am not talking MMA hacks or hobbyists. I am talking MMA fighters that are well rounded and serious about their trade. Most people will attend class and do their best to blend in. The MMA fighter, on the other hand, brings a different skill set and attitude to a BJJ class. This fighter wants to [...]

BJJ Has No Off-Season

By |October 3rd, 2015|Lifestyle, Starting BJJ|

Summer is gone and before we know it, baseball season will be wrapping up.  As autumn begins, so does hockey and football season, which leads me to think, there isn’t a BJJ season. Sports like soccer, hockey, football, rugby, have a season. Once the season is done, the player's body is able to recover and [...]

Introducing Your Kids to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

By |April 16th, 2015|Lifestyle|

I have 2 very energetic kids. Since they were toddlers, they both loved to wrestle with me. I found this pastime a great opportunity to introduce BJJ to my children. I'd like to share some of my key tactics to introducing your kids to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Keep them laughing! My primary focus while teaching my kids BJJ is [...]