BJJ Injuries? 5 Helpful Tips to Keep You Training

By |May 2nd, 2015|Health & Fitness|

Some BJJ injuries are serious enough to keep you off the mats until you are fully healed. Assuming that your BJJ injury is minor, here are 5 helpful tips to keep you on the mats and still allow you to recover. 1. Let your Instructors know your limitations prior to starting regular class.  As an [...]

BJJ Mouthguard: Should You Wear One While Rolling?

By |April 23rd, 2015|Health & Fitness|

I myself don’t enforce a BJJ mouthguard rule during my classes however the room seems to be divided on the subject. I’ve noticed that most people who come to my class with a base in striking or those who are Pro MMA fighters wear a mouthguard regularly and those who are strictly BJJ practitioners are [...]