Some BJJ injuries are serious enough to keep you off the mats until you are fully healed. Assuming that your BJJ injury is minor, here are 5 helpful tips to keep you on the mats and still allow you to recover.

1. Let your Instructors know your limitations prior to starting regular class.  As an instructor, I find it helpful when a student tells me about their injury so that I can work with them to keep them within their limitations.

2. Stay away from your gym rival. As the saying goes, check your ego at the door. Unfortunately, that ego finds its way back into the gym too often enough. Rolling with your gym rival will put you into a competitive situation risking further injury. 

3. Find training partners that are also injured and work together within each other limits. This often works well and benefits both parties. It also helps build friendships and a team atmosphere.

4. Avoid rolling. Do the warm up and drills and then hit the showers.  Pretty simple right? Ah no, actually it’s not. This will take self control. Better yet, let your instructor know that you are too hurt to roll and your instructor can help enforce your “no roll policy”.

5. Take private lessons.  Privates are proven to speed your progress because each private is designed to meet your individual needs. Give your instructor the details of your injury and your instructor should be able to provide ways to protect your injury during training and share some positions to avoid.

Minor injuries are inevitable. Currently, I’m nursing a torn groin so I’m avoiding many of the guard positions and attacks. Instead, I’m choosing to stay on top and pass guard to minimize any strain in that area.  The key is to learn how to train around your minor injuries to allow healing time. If you’re not sure how to do this, don’t hesitate to ask your instructor for assistance.